Glavanised sheets

Glavanised sheets EN 10346

Fields of use

Low carbon steels for cold forming

Typical applications

Extra protection against intensive environmental effects (e.g. air engineering, construction industrial sections and drainage systems).


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Adherence of the zinc coating:

It is appreciated after the results of the folding tests on a mandrel. According to the quality grade, on the surfaces of the sheets, there are admitted the following faults, controlled on one surface, visible to the naked eye:

  • insignificant increase of the zinc's thickness, with the width of 10mm,on one of the edges
  • longitudinal cracks of maximum 3mmfrom the edges
  • punctiform low prominence of zinc, distributed uniformly on the surface resulted after the zinc hardening
  • different sizes of the zinc flowers
  • small defects of chromating

Delivery conditions

Galvanized steel sheets are delivered in bundles of 2.5 tons or in coils of minimum 5 tons.

Size W x l (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight (kg)

Mechanical properties

StandardSteel gradeMinimum yield strength Rp 0.2 N/mm2Tesile strength Rm N/mm2A80 (%) min.*
EN 10346DX 51D-270-50022
DX 52D140-300270-42026

* This value is decreased by 2 units below 0.70 mm; and by further 2 units below 0.50 mm

Chemical composition

StandardSteel gradeC % max.Si % max.Mn % max.P % max.S % max.Ti % max.
EN 10346DX 51D0.180.501.200.120.0450.30
DX 52D0.120.500.600.100.0450.30

Characteristics of coating

Coating markCoating mass (min. g/m2 / both sides)Coating thickness on one side (µm) (informative data)Coating version NSurface quality ASurface treatment C
Average of three specimensnormal zinc flowernormal surface qualitychemical passivation (Cr6+)

** No production below the thickness of 0.4 mm

  • Available size 1000 x 2000 mm
  • Available thickness 0.35 – 1.5 mm
  • Steel class DX 51D, DX 52D

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The standard size at which these steel profiles are delivered is 6000 mm.


In the case of sheets you can buy whole pieces!

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