Steel T profile

Steel T profile SE EN 10055

Fields of application

For general use and for use in the household, welded metallic construction elements or construction elements joint through other methods, agricultural works.


Steel T profile


In sections, the axis of the crossing must be perpendicular on the axis of the angles. The limit deviation from the perpendicularity of the crossing must be lower or maximum equal with 1mm. In section, the angles must be equal. The bars must be straight, without bends or strains of the axis. The deviation from rectilinearity should not surpass 6 mm/m. It is not admitted any visible twist of the section around its own axis.

The sections must be cut without the bending of the endings and without the visible strain of the section. The burrs resulting form cutting must not surpass 5 mm.

Delivery conditions

The T steel with equal angles is delivered in rolled state, in links between 50-3000kg.

Size (mm)Thickness (mm)Weight (kg/m)
20 x 2030.87
20 x 2041.13
25 x 253.51.28
25 x 254.51.61
30 x 3041.76
30 x 3052.16
35 x 3542.07
35 x 354.52.31
35 x 355.52.78
40 x 4052.94
40 x 4063.49
50 x 5064.43
50 x 5075.11
60 x 6076.21
70 x 7088.29
80 x 80910.7

Mechanical aspects

SE EN 10055StateThicknessRm N/mm2Rp 0,2A5 (%)Weldability

Chemical composition

StandardStateC %Mn %P %S %N %Cu %CEV %
SE EN 10055S235JRmax 20max 1.4max 0.04max 0.04max 0.012max 0.55max 0.38
  • Available size 80 x 42 mm - 600 x 215 mm
  • Available thickness 3,9 mm - 21,6 mm

Lungimi de livrare
Profil si tevi

The standard size at which these steel profiles are delivered is 6000 mm.


In the case of sheets you can buy whole pieces!

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